As the time goes by, there is no place anymore.

And people do not care how hard you struggle,

trying to find a little space, they will never give.

But guess what, you look so strong.

Every time you try to do your best and no one appreciate that,

It is just enough for me, and I am proud of you.


They told you, every time they hurt you,

It is just the way the world goes.

But this earth is belongs to us.

It is nobody right to controlled or force you.

And don’t  be afraid if you lose.

It is just a game..

It is everyone’s victory.

And everyone can lose.

So what is the matter if it were you?


Don’t you know,

They hurt me if they wounded you.

It is my tears, when you are crying.

I will be your voice, when no one can hear you.

Keep strong, whatever they say.

It just words, and they can not ruin you.

You are more than what they say.


Malang, 6 Maret 2009



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