Today’s Song

It’s never been the same old song,
nor is beautiful as once we sang along.
Time passed by and all in hands are gone.
But we move aside crowd and moving on.

You work so hard just to make sure
they don’t mind to respect cause they know who you were.
He*l they don’t care what your past was like. (sorry)
Your job now is the present obligation to be done.
Yeah, too bad now we live in todays..

Why are you so restless,
worrying about what people think or ever thought?
Dash down, sinking on your cold chair,
working on your past behalf.

My dearest friend, let me sing:
“You are not losing something.
Yesterday, now, tomorrow, you are amazing.
So don’t let them tell you the opposite things”

Present days are never been nice.
But, hey! Well, this is life.
So just be brave and be strong.
All you have to do is sing along…:

“My dearest friends, let me sing:
I am not losing something.
Yesterday, now, tomorrow, I am amazing.
So I won’t let them tell me the opposite things..”

“He*l yeah, I am somebody
And now all I have to do is chilling
I feels like to singing
Cause I am down with this today’s song.
Oh, I’m down with this today’s song..”

A human.
Nothing can make ’em less than that,
since the time he born, till he left to be gone.

Malang, Aug 4th 2012

Okay, not really sure if it could be called as “a song” (though I’d love to make it so 😀 ).
But like I said many times before, like I care (lol). So let’s just let it left written here 😉


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