The two sided card (2)

I am the two sided card.

No one need to know what I hide,

when I flip the side.

Because I will share laughs with a sprinkle of lust.

But you will never see me cries.

I will show you the words, I will show you my voice.

But will never let you see,

because I know what you might see

when you see through me.

I will give you love, and I will share my time

but I will never ask the same to be done

cause I know I am not in the right place to ask.

Just give me a typed in smile

or a little I-don’t-care-who-you-really-are

and maybe also some *hugs to calms me down.

Then I will find myself in a right place where I can feed my lies.

Let me love you, the way I do.

Then maybe someday, maybe,

I will let you see what I hide

in the other side

Malang, 5.08 a.m, Apr 7th 2013


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