My Thousandth Song

It’s been years since the last time we took a photo-smile.
It seems silly to say that you’re still the one.
Especially when I don’t see any sign
that you will turning back over time.

You might not see me crippling around
or hear any of my despair song.
Mostly because I won’t let you see me down.
Deep inside I wonder when I can say “bye”

I am neither a girl who loves cheesy lines,
nor the one who can not feel wound.
So I won’t say you’re still the one,
but yeah, you’re a memory in my mind.

I won’t promise not to shed tears when I’m down,
I am not a tigress no matter how I want.
I won’t bring you in my heart as I move on,
but, yeah, you’re somewhere in my saddest song.

This might not be the last piece I made,
I might keep being melodramatic,
but I’ve got this great chance,
so why don’t I write all of these down?

I doubt I will wish you happiness.
Damn, You took it all out of me once.
And, damn, I can’t blame it all on you
We had our faults; I’m the one who was gone.

So let me say a simple goodbye,
I won’t smile and I won’t cry.
Emotions can get rotten sometimes.
Well I take it as a good sign.

I might made another mistake,
as the one when I have to leave you behind.
But now it seems I have nothing to fight for,
not even silly wishes to keep holding on,
so babe, I need to say one last goodbye.

Indonesia, 23 Okt’13


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