My Hero

“Have some respect”, you say
well did you have the respect when you slap her on the face,
left the red marks, as the little girl walked in
and ask “what happened momma”
and the teary woman said she’s fine
when I saw her heart shattered on the ground
and her tears flowed, drained all the blood in her heart.

“Have some respect”, you say
How can I, when I saw you shout at the weeping woman
no you have never touch me,
but the view was enough to kill me
you won’t see my dead body,
but sure you see the little girl is dying in me.

“Have some respect”, you say
and you threw the drawer in front of us,
the hard wood hit the floor one inch away of my leg,
telling something about the money you spent
You know we hate to be your burden
you know I don’t wanna be

“Have some respect”, you say
when you shouted and shouted and shouted and yelled
when you heard me crying in the locked room
and you asked her and she said she had no idea
well it was my fault indeed to keep it secret
but do you really have to shout?

“Have some respect”, you say
but you left me in the middle of the junction
heart was all feared and worried,
and my sister tried to look calm,
when I knew she worried about us, about me couldn’t walk out of the car
and the saviour came, with the red flaming cheek
why didn’t I see your worry face on the other side of the road
saying “it will be all fine, it will be all fine my little girl”

Who took you out of  my heart?
Was it the money, the job, or the fellows
Hell. They are not worth it.
They took my hero and that’s all I know
Now I beg to my God, “Bring me back my hero”
Cause I know he’s there inside you, in a place I can not see

Bring me back my hero,
the one who would threw me up in the air
to catch me back again and laugh and he said
“it’s alright, darling, you’re safe in my arms”

Hell. Was it the money, the job, or the fellows?
They don’t deserve any single piece of you
Was it the time, the disease, or the age,
God why do you took away my hero?

Hell it could be me,
Is it the hormone, the time, or the confusing teenage time
but I am old, I am an adult and I should have know it better
Is it time for me to lose him already?
But he is here, I just can’t touch him

And this is all confusing,
perhaps I shouldn’t try to find out the guilty one
or who are the hurted ones,
or even think about it this time

But it is all so heartbreaking
I don’t know what to say, I don’t know what to do
I am lost, I am losing the game.

26 Nov’13


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