Eliana is ready. She has done enough research and prepared everything.
She wrote names on her stuff so they know where to give them away when the time’s up. She calculated meticulously her weight, the height, and of course the rope.
She is ready.
She looks around this lonely yet peaceful spot in her favorite meadow, before climbing on the marked branch.
Tears rolling down her face, but she’s ready.
She ties a knot on the branch tightly then put the noose around her neck.
She feels the breeze on her face, between her hair, whispering unintelligable words on her ears.
This is so peaceful.
The wind getting stronger and it reminds her of the chaos in her life. Nothing goes right. Nothing she ever did was right. She has never made the right decision. She has never not making a mistake. She did everythin wrong. She starts crying, biting her lips trying not to make a sound just like what she has always been doing her whole life.
But she shouldn’t be worry about that. There’s nobody here. Just her, the meadow, and her tree; One tall and strong tree standing alone in the meadow. Eliana pats the branch absent-mindedly.
She is ready.
She sobs for the last time and then jump.
… Everything will be gone now.
All the worries she has ever had.
All the dissappointment people keep telling her.
All her failures.
All the bad decision.
She will, finally, be free.
Finally, everything is over..

But… Eliana is too small.
She is too thin as the result of no appetite for days (or weeks?)
She is as light as a feather.
And as soon as she jumps, the wind blows her body away.
Strong enough to break the tight noose around her neck, gentle enough to safely sends her to the ground, miraculously, without any wound
Eliana is so shocked that she is just laying there on the wet grass.
Then it hit her and she cries hysterically.
Curling up in her summer time dress, crying her heart out.
A few strands of her hair fall on her pretty face as she lays there weeping for a really long time.
The rope was brand new, and she tied the knot very tight.
There is no way it could break so easily by the wind.
It is as if someone does not want it to happen.
And she swears that she could feels giant hands gently placed her on the ground when the rope breaks.
It is as if someone wants to save her.
She weep louder.
Another breeze blows through the meadow, between the grass, through the holes in some old trees, sending a low whistle to the air.
It is as if someone is crying with her.
Eliana slowly calms down.
It is so hard to just get up and starts walking again.
But she, being a brave little girl she is, did it anyway.
Her face is still wet as she slowly walks back home.
The meadow breeze blows through her hair, whispering words on her ears,
“Hold on, Eliana. The storm is about to end”

-Sometime in 2016


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